“As someone offering training on workplace wellbeing, I was delighted to come across this small, easy to read and highly practical book. Having our life at work go pear shaped is a common experience, particularly in the current context of economic squeezes and constant `efficiency’ drives. The many short story examples remind you you’re not alone, and the text offers exercises to help you find your bearings, understand what’s happening and move on. If you’re not enjoying your time at work, have suffered recent setbacks or experienced bullying, this is a book that can help you.”

Chris Johnstone, Author, “Find Your Power”, posted on Amazon.co.uk

“Recover Your Balance is a powerful book – simple to read yet never simplistic.  It provides a range of practical tools that are key to re-establishing your identity and self-esteem to enable you to progress positively from seemingly dark places.  Ann’s style is succinct and highly readable and she uses activities, case studies and personal insights to help you to find your own way forwards.  Although aimed specifically at bouncing back from bad times at work, the tools and guidance that Ann has created can also be adapted and used successfully in other spheres of your life!”

Heather Barrie, Harries Food.

“Brilliant book! Just what I needed, exactly when I needed it. I had to have my own copy, it’s the kind of book that I revisit over and over again. Each
time I see something from a different view. Thank you so much for taking the time to write it.”
Kim Eaglestone M.Inst.S.R.M.Dip., M.I.L.A.M

“This book with its warm and human, but clear and purposeful, approach is a great morale booster for those going through difficult times. It helps build personal effectiveness and maintain a sense of perspective when things can seem bleak.”
Ros Cassy, development consultant

“Ann’s book has had a phenomenal impact on clients of mine who have read it. When Ann works with you she is not only professional but she is one of the few people who truly connects with you on all levels.”
Salma Ismail, Owner, Grassroots Consulting

“Do you need 2 regain your confidence & control at work? Have a look at this by @annlewiscoach. Great advice and tips.”
Sharon Gaskin, The Trainers’ Training Company , posted on twitter.com

“As a coach, Ann is attentive, insightful and thorough. Her programme and book evolved from real personal experience. Ann truly understands
what inner resources people need to reframe and rebuild their confidence and their lives.”
Penny Millar, owner, PhotoVoyage

“A small book that packs a mighty punch; rereading Ann’s book reminded me that I should have done this a few months ago during a particularly bad spell of bullying at work. The lessons learnt from previous sessions with Ann and
my first reading of her book gave me the strength to understand what was happening and stop it.

“The negative thoughts and lack of inner selfconfidence that I experienced are described with uncanny accuracy and understanding – the self
coaching to take charge and change has really worked for me. Thank you.”
Sylvia, former client – Senior Manager, Healthcare

“This book offers amazing resources for everyone – Ann provides clear wisdom and insights about the difficult challenges we’re all facing, as well as tangible tools and techniques to make those powerful, positive changes you’ve been wishing for!”
Dr. Daniel Scott, author of Verbal Self Defense in the Workplace

“Having worked with many people who’ve been thrown seriously off balance at work through bullying, learning how to resource yourself in tough times is one of the essential keys to recovery. Ann’s book provides a down to earth, step by step guide to do exactly that with a plethora of examples, questions and exercises along the way. I much appreciate she also includes the importance of ‘presence’ as changing your personal energy automatically changes your reality! HR departments would be well advised to stock a supply of this valuable little book.”

Sharon Eden, Author, “WHACK around the head”, posted on Amazon.co.uk

“…a great little book, easy to read in one sitting at just over 140 pages with a seven step plan to boost you back to full confidence! And it’s also great for dipping into any time you feel a bit overwhelmed. It’s a book to pick up when you’re feeling tired and worthless at work, when going to work is sapping and energy draining, when you’re feeling burnt out, or lacking in confidence about your abilities…

“I think this a worthwhile book to have in your possession, or to encourage your firm to buy! It’s not preachy, but full of sensible advice, well referenced and not at all patronising – you can tell that Ann has been there and done it, and bounced back!”

Jane C Woods, Changing People. Read the full review.

Ann Lewis’ book, Recover your Balance is a great, practical book on how to get over a distressing work experience. If you’ve experienced bullying or are feeling off balance because of a situation at work, this is the book to help you figure out what to do and how to move forward, not stay blocked and stuck. Ann has researched well and has many case studies (from both men and women) to help you see what has worked for others. It is a pragmatic book with exercises, examples and ideas. It helps you to get focus and regain control. I can highly recommend it.

Patricia Lustig, Director, Lasa Development UK Ltd.

I have read this book 3 times and each time I get something new from it. I keep looking at it in amazement – so many ‘gems’ in such a short book. Perfect for dipping in and out of, or reading cover to cover as I have done. As a former HR Mgr and now a Career Coach I could immediately identify with the writer and the clients who have let their experiences be laid out for others to read. Within the first couple of pages I came across Rodenburg’s Three Circles of Energy which I have used almost daily since – not only on myself but with my clients too. It is a beautiful mix of dabs of theory, experiences of clients, coaching exercises and summaries. Concisely and beautifully written so you never get bored. There’s very clever uses of coaching questions (highlighted in boxes) which mean that it’s easy to coach yourself if you prefer the self-help route. Perfect for anyone who feels their career is out of control and comfort for those to think they are ‘not alone’. Great sources of knowledge for coaches who want to help their clients and for HR and other professionals to understand what’s going on in their employees minds and what impact they could be having on their well-being.

Christine Ware, Career & Personal Development Coach