The 100th International Women’s day. So many perspectives. From Jane Woods comes a great post on her favourite charity, Womankind.  From Wendy Mason, a beautiful post about her heroine, Marie Curie. And a great post on women in science from Darwin and Gender.

There’s cause both for celebration and for frustration. The internet is a ready source for the statistics of inequality, and I don’t plan to go the statistical route today, important though it is for defining what’s happening across the World. There’s a heap of information in the latest Ipsos/Mori poll on the subject.

The power of confidence

So many people who do the Recover Your Balance programme feel powerless when they start out.  Something outside of themselves has knocked them off track.  They feel bad about themselves.  They think there’s something wrong with them.  When I was bullied at work (a quarter of a century ago, at a time when my firm’s macho culture was the norm rather than the exception) I thought I would never be acceptable to an employer again.  I’m pleased to say I was wrong.  Very wrong.

I’ve mentioned Eva James before.  She was badly bullied and blogs about her journey back to sanity.  Her latest post, with a wink at Oscar Wilde, talks about forgiveness for our own sake. Here is a woman whose confidence buttons were pushed mercilessly by her previous boss. Her post shows how differently she feels from the perspective of growing confidence. And she is a fabulous writer.

We all have within us the power to bring enormous good into the World. The spanner in the works is self-doubt. Recovering balance is about aligning with our solid core of positive energy, from which creation flows freely. And it’s a life’s work.


So here is my wish for women on this landmark anniversary:

that every woman recovers confidence in her own core of being that enables her to be who she truly is.