“You see things and you say ‘Why?’ But I dream things that never were, and I say ‘Why not?’” said George Bernard Shaw. Whatever you want to bring into existence in your life starts in your imagination, whether it is changing jobs, looking for a new home, planning a holiday or writing a book. So what would you create in your life if you knew that you can make it happen?

In Recover Your Balance, you’re encouraged to create a vision of how you want your life to be different and what your better future will look like. It is grounded in a detailed assessment of your strengths and values, helping to ensure that it is realistic for you. Loss of balance is temporary, and although it’s all to easy to imagine (a) that there’s no way out and (b) that there’s something wrong with you, neither is true. Knowing what you want helps you to find the way there.

Energy and emotion

The real key to recovering your balance lies in steadily raising your energy levels.  You’ll know if you’re going in the right direction by how you feel. When you’re off balance, you may veer between feeling bad about yourself or angry at the World.  Neither is helpful.  Staying small or artificially aggressive won’t help. Finding thoughts that feel good will help enormously.

Test this out by imagining yourself at interview for a job you really want. If you go in feeling unworthy, you know that this will show.  How much more likely are you to make the most of the interview if you’ve re-connected with a clear sense of who you are, what you care about and what strengths you bring to the table.

Which approach will feel better?

Synchronicity and intuition

With a clearer sense of your potential to change, and an intention to make it happen, you can start to use your connections, your intuition and the intervention of synchronicity to bring it into being. What starts to turn up? Who appears in your life with just the right resource for your next step? What catches your eye and demands your attention? What lands on your doormat or in your in-box just when you need the information it brings?

Notice also what blocks start to appear. Writer and psychotherapist Deike Begg[1] tells of her search for a new home and of the whole string of mishaps, missed planes, failed meetings and lost directions which prevented her and her husband from moving to Spain, contrasting this to the ease with which their home in Scotland was eventually purchased and the opportunities that appeared once they were there.

So marshall everything that will work positively, and set about creating your better future.  Start now.

[1] Begg, Deike, Synchronicity, Thorsons