Find a firm footing with running and a good night’s sleep

Recover Your Balance has been fortunate in attracting a range of guest authors who can bring additional support and ideas to help you get back on track. So I am delighted to introduce this week’s guest, Robert Jones, who is a Content & Online PR Executive at Search Laboratory. He has written this article on…

Recovering your Emotional Intelligence

When you are going through a rough time, managing your emotions can be difficult…managing other’s emotions? That task can feel near impossible. Still, those in leadership positions need to stay tuned in as employees’ emotions can easily have a negative impact on productivity and quality of work.

Ironically, being in the midst of your own personal struggle is actually a great time to tend to others. Making someone else feel better, cared for and relieved can give you a boost in outlook, mood and confidence.

Read on to discover the three must-dos when it comes to brushing up on your emotional intelligence; with mental and physical benefits applying to both you and your employees, you’ll all be glad you did.

Finding refreshing sleep

This week’s guest post is from Chris Braithwaite who has been working as a homeopath since qualifying in 2006. Before this she was a childcare social worker / manager for nearly 20 years. Chris is registered with the Society of Homeopaths and is committed to providing high standards of patient care in her thriving practice….

When workplace stress drives you to drink

This week my guest Melissa Hathaway offers hope for healing the often hidden problem of drug and alcohol abuse in the workplace, particularly when it is a response to workplace stress. Melissa has written a number of guides for people looking for help with loved ones struggling with addiction on behalf of the US Coalition Against…

On Kindness

One of my clients, who is currently going through a particularly gruelling time at work, remarked that she has been really touched by the support she has received from friends and colleagues. I suggested she keep a Kindness Journal – a place where she can record every act of kindness and support that she is receiving, building a sense of the parts of her world that are still working normally.

Just bring yourself

When you feel at peace with yourself and who you are, it’s somehow easier to place your energy and effort where they’re needed. If you’re trying to fit in, trying to please, unsure of your ground, unsettled and unbalanced, then the chances of performing successfully are limited.

The power of somatics – an interview with Zoe Kennell

A podcast interview with Zoe Kennell, a teacher and somatic educator, about her experience of using somatics to support her through a particularly gruelling three years with a new head teacher. Includes tips for staying calm under pressure.

Getting out of the box – from bullying to wellbeing

When you’re off balance as a result of workplace bullying or anything else, what matters is that you take responsibility for your own state of mind and your own future. Often we can’t change our circumstances, but we can choose how we respond to them. And we can examine and map what we need in order to recover our wellbeing and to flourish again. That’s what Recover Your Balance is there to support.