toxic workplaces

Help for targets of workplace bullying.

I’m delighted to welcome the author of today’s guest post is Robert Merriott, founder of Forensic Notes. Rob’s company specialises in helping you to document workplace bullying effectively so that you have precise evidence of bullying incidents, allowing you to prove what happened and when. This is extremely empowering for you as a target of…

More help for targets of workplace bullying

One all-too-common reason for being off balance at work results from being the target for workplace bullying. It can be insidious and hard to prove, ranging as it does from tactics designed to undermine confidence, through blatent lying to sidelining and exclusion. Whatever form it takes, its effects can be devastating. Here is solid help for handling it.

What do you want?

When the level of negative events in life overtakes the positive in our minds, it can be a bit difficult to see how to move on. That’s why Recover Your Balance starts from what you want to be different.

Recover Your Balance in seven steps

When distressing things happen at work – bullying, work overload, being in a toxic workplace, redundancy – they can knock you right off balance. Here’s how you can start to recover and move on from their negative impact.

No Mr Letwin, fear is not the answer

I found myself shouting at the radio this weekend. I couldn’t believe my ears. Whatever gives Oliver Letwin the idea that instilling fear into public servants will deliver excellence? (The Guardian, 30 July.) This is not a recipe for reform. It’s the straight path to creating a bullying culture.

You’re not alone

I love doing radio. Today I was Ian Mac’s guest on the Vectis Radio daily phone-in, talking about bouncing back from bad times at work. Our callers, Lyn, Jean and Tony, were all courageous people who had picked themselves up from some emotionally and spiritually damaging experiences. I hope that in telling their stories, they were able to reinforce for our listeners that they are not alone.

In service

it takes a huge amount of focused, intentional work to create great customer service, and it takes authentic, confident staff buy-in to keep the show on the road. And if you put in the work, the business stands a good chance of growing… I do know that when you have miserable customer service, it is often delivered by miserable staff. And vice-versa.

Recovering Your Balance for 2011

If you’re able to take time out over the festive season, you might want to think about how you can recover your balance and set off into next year in a more positive and calmer frame of mind.

E is for Empathy

I’m on yet another learning journey at the moment, and it’s one that might interest you if you often find yourself off balance. Via the wonderful Kat Tansey, author of Choosing to Be – Lessons in Living from a Feline Zen Master, I came across the work of Dr Elaine Aron on what she calls ‘Sensory Processing Sensitivity’. It was a revelation, and it explains a lot. Kat Tansey’s interview with Elaine Aron is here.

C is for Calm

When you’re off balance, it’s all too easy to feel as though you’re constantly in the path of a storm. Yet as you regain your stability, you’re able to respond unflurriedly to events more often.