What do you want?

When the level of negative events in life overtakes the positive in our minds, it can be a bit difficult to see how to move on. That’s why Recover Your Balance starts from what you want to be different.

Recover Your Balance in seven steps

When distressing things happen at work – bullying, work overload, being in a toxic workplace, redundancy – they can knock you right off balance. Here’s how you can start to recover and move on from their negative impact.

You’re not alone

I love doing radio. Today I was Ian Mac’s guest on the Vectis Radio daily phone-in, talking about bouncing back from bad times at work. Our callers, Lyn, Jean and Tony, were all courageous people who had picked themselves up from some emotionally and spiritually damaging experiences. I hope that in telling their stories, they were able to reinforce for our listeners that they are not alone.

Recovering Your Balance for 2011

If you’re able to take time out over the festive season, you might want to think about how you can recover your balance and set off into next year in a more positive and calmer frame of mind.

C is for Calm

When you’re off balance, it’s all too easy to feel as though you’re constantly in the path of a storm. Yet as you regain your stability, you’re able to respond unflurriedly to events more often.

N is for New Beginnings

As I write, it’s a beautiful, balmy late Autumn day. It was on just such a day that I moved on to new things. I could not have imagined then how different life would be by now. And I did things the hard way, taking far too long to recover my balance. When it’s time for you to move on, what will you do to make the transition easier?

L is for Listening

It’s simple really: No-one should have to take years to rediscover their self-esteem. A negative self-image spills out into every encounter. Learning to listen to your own true voice, to find and use your strengths, to live according to your deepest values, these are the keys to recovering your balance. And they’re essential if you’re to fulfil your potential.

Bouncing Back

Our new video tells you why we’re here:

O is for Ow!

I often say that life throws up the same problems until I get the message and do something different. Yesterday I met an ‘in your face’ obstacle that pulled me up sharp, both literally and energetically.

Y is for Yes!

Recovering your balance is about saying ‘yes’. ‘Yes’ to doing something about the negative situation you’re in. ‘Yes’ to taking charge of your future. Yes to resisting being diminished by the behaviour of other people. ‘Yes’ to moving on.