Recovering your Emotional Intelligence

When you are going through a rough time, managing your emotions can be difficult…managing other’s emotions? That task can feel near impossible. Still, those in leadership positions need to stay tuned in as employees’ emotions can easily have a negative impact on productivity and quality of work.

Ironically, being in the midst of your own personal struggle is actually a great time to tend to others. Making someone else feel better, cared for and relieved can give you a boost in outlook, mood and confidence.

Read on to discover the three must-dos when it comes to brushing up on your emotional intelligence; with mental and physical benefits applying to both you and your employees, you’ll all be glad you did.

What can an employee expect from mediation?

Mediation can provide the following opportunities for the employee:

To be heard by someone who is impartial
To understand the points of view of the other person of people involved
To have the time to reflect upon the situation
To be part of the solution, rather than have a solution imposed upon them.

Just bring yourself

When you feel at peace with yourself and who you are, it’s somehow easier to place your energy and effort where they’re needed. If you’re trying to fit in, trying to please, unsure of your ground, unsettled and unbalanced, then the chances of performing successfully are limited.

No Mr Letwin, fear is not the answer

I found myself shouting at the radio this weekend. I couldn’t believe my ears. Whatever gives Oliver Letwin the idea that instilling fear into public servants will deliver excellence? (The Guardian, 30 July.) This is not a recipe for reform. It’s the straight path to creating a bullying culture.

Remembering to breathe

When we’re off balance, it shows, even though we may be unaware of how we’re coming across. I’ve experienced clients saying they responded calmly to a situation, while their colleagues report observing a very strong negative reaction from them. It really does help to become self-aware.

In service

it takes a huge amount of focused, intentional work to create great customer service, and it takes authentic, confident staff buy-in to keep the show on the road. And if you put in the work, the business stands a good chance of growing… I do know that when you have miserable customer service, it is often delivered by miserable staff. And vice-versa.

A wish for all women

We all have within us the power to bring enormous good into the World. The spanner in the works is self-doubt. Recovering balance is about aligning with our solid core of positive energy, from which creation flows freely. And it’s a life’s work.

The vibration of paint

At a conference last Autumn, I came across a rather gorgeous woman in the cloakroom. She really did look super – great hair, strong features, beautiful suit. But she was distraught. She’d come out without her make-up and felt naked. She was sure everyone would be looking at her disfavourably. I gently mentioned that I haven’t worn make-up in years (apart from a little lippy). She hadn’t even noticed.

Emotional intelligence and dealing with stress: Guest Post from Claire Walsh

Although we may like to think our decisions are based on sound judgement and facts, the reality is emotions play a big part in our working lives and significant stress can have an adverse effect on our leadership performance…

E is for Empathy

I’m on yet another learning journey at the moment, and it’s one that might interest you if you often find yourself off balance. Via the wonderful Kat Tansey, author of Choosing to Be – Lessons in Living from a Feline Zen Master, I came across the work of Dr Elaine Aron on what she calls ‘Sensory Processing Sensitivity’. It was a revelation, and it explains a lot. Kat Tansey’s interview with Elaine Aron is here.