Finding refreshing sleep

This week’s guest post is from Chris Braithwaite who has been working as a homeopath since qualifying in 2006. Before this she was a childcare social worker / manager for nearly 20 years. Chris is registered with the Society of Homeopaths and is committed to providing high standards of patient care in her thriving practice….

On Kindness

One of my clients, who is currently going through a particularly gruelling time at work, remarked that she has been really touched by the support she has received from friends and colleagues. I suggested she keep a Kindness Journal – a place where she can record every act of kindness and support that she is receiving, building a sense of the parts of her world that are still working normally.

Just bring yourself

When you feel at peace with yourself and who you are, it’s somehow easier to place your energy and effort where they’re needed. If you’re trying to fit in, trying to please, unsure of your ground, unsettled and unbalanced, then the chances of performing successfully are limited.

What do you want?

When the level of negative events in life overtakes the positive in our minds, it can be a bit difficult to see how to move on. That’s why Recover Your Balance starts from what you want to be different.

What inspires you?

When you’re off balance, getting in touch with what helps you smile, laugh, feel in touch with yourself, enjoy life, is a key part of getting a sense of where you are in the grand scheme of things.

Tough Love – how Eva James recovered from workplace bullying

“If you met me in the street today, you wouldn’t have the faintest idea I’ve ever had a problem in my life. Some days, I can almost believe it. And that, my friends, takes a whole lot of work. It takes a whole lot of tough love.”

A wish for all women

We all have within us the power to bring enormous good into the World. The spanner in the works is self-doubt. Recovering balance is about aligning with our solid core of positive energy, from which creation flows freely. And it’s a life’s work.

The vibration of paint

At a conference last Autumn, I came across a rather gorgeous woman in the cloakroom. She really did look super – great hair, strong features, beautiful suit. But she was distraught. She’d come out without her make-up and felt naked. She was sure everyone would be looking at her disfavourably. I gently mentioned that I haven’t worn make-up in years (apart from a little lippy). She hadn’t even noticed.

Imagination, energy and synchronicity

Whatever you want to bring into existence in your life starts in your imagination, whether it is changing jobs, looking for a new home, planning a holiday or writing a book. The real key to recovering your balance lies in steadily raising your energy levels. With a clearer sense of your potential to change, and an intention to make it happen, you can start to use your connections, your intuition and the intervention of synchronicity to bring it into being.

On being inspired

It’s not always easy to find inspiration when you’re off balance. Often you go into survival mode, managing to keep going through a day at a time with not much sense of anything outside the immediate pain. Yet regular inspiration – someone’s achievement, glorious light on a landscape, the fledging of birds in Spring, a life of giving – is what keeps us mindful that life is possible beyond your current difficulties.