Recovering your balance is about saying ‘yes’. ‘Yes’ to doing something about the negative situation you’re in. ‘Yes’ to taking charge of your future. Yes to resisting being diminished by the behaviour of other people. ‘Yes’ to moving on.

If you are obsessively going over and over negative events, you may still be drawing a strange comfort from such activity, but in the long term, it won’t help you. If you’re being bullied or suffering problems at work that are affecting your wellbeing, it’s important to accept that what is going on is toxic for you, and decide to do something to change it, because you can make that choice.

Choosing to stay stuck puts the control of your emotions and your life somewhere outside you in the external environment – so you’re not in charge of your own destiny. It will also continue to allow negative emotions to affect your physical well-being and your performance.

Things can really move quite fast when you make a commitment to change your circumstances. Allowing the possibility of creating a better situation completely lifts your spirits, and reduces the pressure of negative emotions on your body, mind and spirit. The mind-shift you experience can feel like a sudden ray of sunlight on a wet day. This ‘sunlight moment’ may be triggered by a specific event which wakes you up to the possibility of a different future, or it may come gradually. Ideally it will be something that begins to restore your sense of proportion.

Recover Your Balance offers a seven-step process for getting back to your fully functioning self. It’s designed to help you say ‘yes’ getting grounded again, to calming the emotional rollercoaster, and to ridding yourself of some of the negative effects on your health of being off balance.

What will be your sunlight moment? Please do leave a comment.