The trait of high sensory sensitivity is a rich vein. In my last post I mused on whether there might be a higher than expected proportion of Highly Sensitive People (HSPs) among those who struggle to stay balanced in the midst of bullying, a toxic workplace, or high stress. Perhaps you’ll share your experiences?

A great resource for HSPs

Through the LinkedIn HSP in business group, I came across this site recently, and you’ll find a link to it in the Recover Your Balance blogroll. Sensitivity-HSP shares blog posts by and for HSPs. It’s owned and edited by Annick Lentacker (@AnnickLentacker) in Belgium. I liked this entry from Jenna Avery, whose speciality is work for sensitive people.

Sensitivity and Presence

Energy is a key concept in Recover Your Balance – see an earlier post, E is for Energy. Presence, in its energy sense, is the place where you are most yourself. Physically you are balanced, breathing fully and quietly. Your body is alert and at ease. You are able to connect fully and appropriately with others.

A powerful combination

For an HSP, the experience of being bullied or otherwise stressed can lead to pushing against the negativity or retreating into your shell, both of which can feel less than effective. So supposing you were able to combine the knowledge and understanding of your high sensitivity with the ability to be Present and authentic in the face of what would otherwise push you sideways.

An authentic and fully aware HSP brings a powerful sensory gauge to any situation, be it workplace relationships, interviews for a new job, or a question-mark over a colleague or boss’s behaviour. If you’ve explored your sensitivity and know it well, you’ll have more trust in your instincts and a greater willingness to believe in yourself just as you are.

And an HSP who accepts herself and is able to trust his instincts is a formidible presence.