One all-too-common reason for being off balance at work results from being the target for workplace bullying. It can be insidious and hard to prove, ranging as it does from tactics designed to undermine confidence, through blatent lying to sidelining and exclusion. Whatever form it takes, its effects can be devastating.

There are now great online sources of help for targets of bullying, ranging from e-bosswatch and to the Workplace Bullying Institute. All work to minimise workplace bullying through modelling and advising on good management practice, and by exposing the worst cases.

In the UK, the inimitable Eva James has been blogging about her own excruciating experiences since October 2009.  Eva was the target of an especially nasty bout of psychological bullying, which she endured for over a year. The blog makes toe-curling reading (how on earth can people behave like that?), but it doesn’t stop when Eva escapes.  We find out what happened next, and it’s well worth reading on.

You see, Eva is a fighter. She’s not about to be permanently floored, and she is determined to make something positive and valuable of her time with her tormentor, Howard.  She has now produced a well-researched book for anyone who is suffering bullying at work.  As well as documenting her own experience, the book offers solid advice about how (and how not) to deal with bullying if you’re unfortunate enough to experience it. I’ve read it, and I recommend it.  You can get it on Amazon.