Recover Your Balance talks about energy in two ways. We look at how bad experiences impact on our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energies and take steps to bring them into balance.

Stress impacts on you physically and emotionally, leading eventually to exhaustion and illness. When you’re off balance, you can’t think straight, and you can become disconnected from your sense of purpose or connection to anything you believe to be greater than you, whatever you call it.

The second aspect of Energy is derived from the work of the wonderful Patsy Rodenburg, Director of Voice at London’s Guildhall School of Music and Drama.  Rodenburg talks about three Circles of Energy – in Recover Your Balance we call them energy states.

In First State, your focus is inward. Physically you may be hunched in on yourself, breathing shallowly, averting your gaze from others and often inaudible when you speak. Others may ignore you, some may be tempted to
bully you, and you will have difficulty in asserting yourself or getting your needs met.

In Third State, you may breathe, speak and move too loudly. Your body will be tensed and your chest forced up and out. You’ll habitually look past the person you’re talking to, shout to get what you want and send people into retreat from you. This is the state from which bullies, tyrants and even some ‘jobsworths’ operate. Unfortunately it is also the dominant state that
underpins traditional Western male conditioning which can carry through into many organisational cultures.

Second State is your natural state, the only one in which you’re Present. It’s the place where you are most yourself. Physically you are balanced, breathing fully and quietly. Your body is alert and at ease. You are able to connect fully and appropriately with others.

You need to access all three States and you’ll work on noticing how your energy moves between them.

Watch Patsy Rodenburg talking about the three energy circles: