Recover Your Balance is all about finding a place where your energy is centred and balanced. If you’re off balance, whether you’ve withdrawn into your shell or are angrily on the attack, you’re not best placed to find lasting solutions or to experience yourself at your best. I talked about this in earlier posts: see R is for Realism and E is for Emotion. I keep coming back to it because it’s the foundation for everything you’ll build for yourself going forward.

A few weeks ago Mark Walsh of Integration Training contributed a guest post to Recover Your Balance. When you’ve fallen off life’s unicycle, Mark’s solid advice on stress management is invaluable. The world looks very different if you become conscious of your body, your breathing, your intention in life.

Today I’m handing over to Mark again, with his super short video on centring using an ABC mnemonic.

I don’t think I’ve seen this better explained. It really works. Do try it.